Starbeans Cameos Edit

There's text and an awful lot of sprites which suggest that originally, each drink you made at the Starbeans cafe was supposed to trigger a cameo by a Nintendo character. All the text is still in the game and written below. All sprite animation speeds are estimated.

E. Gadd Edit

E. Gadd :  Hmm... My sniffer's detecting the 
aroma of a new kind of juice...

Cashier :  Oh! Professor Gadd! 
How've you been, sir? 
Are you here to try our new 
drink? You can ask those two 
there for Woohoo Blend! 

E. Gadd :  Oh! Just wonderful! A new blend! 
How about a try, youngsters? 
Hmm... This flavor fills the old 
bones with brimming strength! 
Yep, a drink like this'll surely boost 
my spirits during ghost research. 
Listen, youngsters, let me thank 
you. I insist you take this. 
Hmm... I wonder what I should 
invent next...  

Wario Edit

Wario :  Ah ha ha ha! Move it! 
Wow! Now that I'm here, this 
game's finally gettin' good!  

Cashier :  Oh! Wario! What's a bad dude 
like you doing here? 
Oh! I got it! You came to pay 
your tab from the other day!  

Wario :  What are you talkin' about?!? 
You tryin' to give me a bad rep 
with stupid rumors? I oughta...  

Cashier :  Aww, come on! Just pay up! 
I'll even take beans if you got 'em. 
Come on! You're a rich guy, right?  

Wario :  Uh... OK. Maybe next time. But... 
Don't you have free drinks for 
celebrity guest stars in this game? 
Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha! 
Do you guys really like drinking 
nasty stuff like this? 
Ah! Whatever! Hope this 
covers your costs! 
Blech! Drinkin' that stuff made me 
wanna go shave my tongue! 
Uh-oh! Gotta go!  

Fox McCloud Edit

Fox :  Fox here!  

Cashier :  Hey! Aren't you Fox McCloud, 
the Star Fox leader? Are you here 
to taste our new juice? No way!  

Fox :  Uh...yeah. So why don't you 
serve me up a cup at your 
special guest star rate? 
What's that? A call?  

A call :  Fox! Help me! 

Fox! Where are you??  

Cashier :  Wow! You sure are one busy guy... 
Er, I mean, one busy fox!  

Fox :  Thanks for the discount! 
Will this cover the rest? 
Mission complete!  

Captain Olimar Edit

Olimar's dialogue would have been presented in item text boxes as opposed to speech bubbles (as if he is logging his thoughts rather than actually speaking, befitting of his native series).

Olimar :  ...I detect a strange, yet pleasing 
aroma drifting through the atmosphere 
of this cafe. It would seem to require 
further investigation...  

Cashier :  Wow! This is a rare treat! 
If it isn't Captain Olimar!

Olimar :  What is this? Before my eyes 
stands a strange life form. 
It resembles me slightly, so I 
shall dub it...Marlio! 
...Further investigation indicates 
that the drink that this Marlio 
holds is the source of the aroma. 
I shall now partake of its flavor. 
Why! Its flavor is most satisfying! 
Finding that such a drink could 
be partook of in such a place is 
a tremendous discovery, indeed! 
This Marlio creature exhibits what 
seems to be a longing expression... 
Perhaps it will react if I present 
it with something... 
I have just noticed a strange, 
unsightly green creature standing 
next to the Marlio... It could be 
a dangerous life form. I feel I should 
attack it before it attacks me.  

Samus Aran Edit

Cashier :  Whoa! A power outage? 
Yikes! Samus Aran! I see you're 
rocking and rolling as usual! 
...Looks like your energy tanks are 
empty! Sorry, but can't you give 
your Hoolumbian to Samus? 
Oh! Feeling better?  

Excitebike Racer Edit

Cashier :  Hey? Is that the sound of a 
motorcycle I hear? 
Hey, buddy! What are you doin'?! 
This isn't a drive-through!!! 
What? Are you thirsty or 
something? Fine, but no need 
to get so...EXCITED! 
Are your engines on full throttle?  

Link Edit

Cashier :  Whoa! Link! The Hero of...what 
is it, now? Anyway, long-time, 
no see, buddy! 
What are you doing here? Did you 
get lost in a dungeon again? 
What? You're having trouble 
finding the fairy fountain? 
Oh... It's game over, and your 
bottles are all empty? 
Are your hearts filled now, kiddo? 

Gifts Edit

The gift you get when you make a new drink was also supposed to be specific to the character cameos above. In fact, there's unused text relating to these gifts:

You got the Triforce! 
You got an Energy Tank! 
You got a Gold Ring! 
You got the Game Boy Horror! 
You got a UV Lamp! 
You got Wario's Gold! 
You got an Excite Spring!

The Excite Spring managed to survive into the final game unaltered. The others survived too, but had their names changed to be less obvious references to the cameos:

Blend Character Original gift Final gift
Woohoo Blend E. Gadd Game Boy Horror Game Boy Horror SP
Hoohoo Blend Wario Wario's Gold Greed Wallet
Chuckle Blend Fox McCloud Gold Ring Bonus Ring
Heehee Blend Captain Olimar UV Lamp Cobalt Necktie
Hoolumbian Samus Aran Energy Tank Power Grip
Chuckoccino Excitebike Racer Excite Spring Excite Spring
Teeheespresso Link Triforce Great Force

Unused Items Edit

Equipment Edit

The following equipment exists in the game, but you're unable to obtain any of them during the course of the game. They're listed together with their in-game description.

Chuckola Pants - Pants made to look like Chuckola Fruit.
Heavy Slacks - Very heavy pants made of Hoohoo Blocks.
Light Slacks - Very light and made of Parabeanie wings.
Jeanie Jeans - Magic jeans that boost DEF in battle.
Jeaniest Jeans - The best-looking, best-fitting jeans.
Safe Guard - An outfit that blocks status ailments.

Others Edit

You got a Game & Watch! 

The Game & Watch was probably supposed to be a key item, since it appears in the game's text right after the Beanlet and Beanstone text.

You got a Spiritual Bros.!

This could've been a badge. Either way, it isn't coded in the game.

Unused Enemies Edit

Goomba Edit

A dummy Goomba enemy. At level 100, it has 100 HP, 3 DEF and 100 Speed.

Getme! Edit

A dummy enemy, also at level 100. It has 0 HP, 3 DEF, and 100 Speed. Players get 999 EXP points after defeating it.

Dummonster Edit

Another dummy enemy, with the same stats as the dummy Goomba.

Mossy Goomba Edit

A purple palette swap of the Goomba enemy. It has stats lower than the average Goomba.

Pop Goomba Edit

Same as above, except it's a red palette swap.

Paragoomba Edit

A paragoomba! It has lower than average stats.

Nice Guy Edit

Appears to be a standard Hoohooligan. Not seen in battle through normal gameplay.

Others Edit

These aren't programmed in as enemies, but their names appear in the ROM.


More than likely an alternate name for the Mecha-Chomp enemy.


This was supposed to be one of the names of the ???? enemy which appears in Gwarhar Lagoon, as is evident by the official Nintendo Power guide which actually lists this as the enemy's name.

Left Pincer
Right Pincer

Likely alternate names for the Left Claw and Right Claw from the Hermie III battle.

Debug Room Edit

There is a somewhat buggy debug room hidden in the game, which can be accessed by using the code 02001E90:0001. To bring Luigi along with you, put in 02001E9C:0001.

How to access:

  1. Start a new game.
  2. Save and quit.
  3. After the game resets, turn on the code.
  4. Restart your save game.
Room 1 Room 2
Room 1
Room 2

You start in the left map with Mario alone. It's possible to leave through the northern part of the stage and immediately return with Luigi. Returning with Luigi alters the level somewhat, or perhaps takes you to a different room. It's possible to return to the first map (with Luigi still) by walking north on the "island" at the top-left of the stage.

Miscellaneous notes about the room(s):

  • There is no music.
  • The multiple copies of Popple don't say anything despite having a "talk" icon appear when you're next to them.
  • Touching the Beanie in the second map immediately begins a battle with a single Goomba. The game crashes after pressing A when a message bubble appears reading "Press the A button here!"
  • In the first map, it's possible to get stuck in the air (still able to walk around) by jumping into objects from below.
  • In the first map, it's not possible to walk up hills. They act more like walls.
  • With Mario alone, pressing Start exits the room and attempts to take you back to where you saved your game, but essentially freezes the game.

If you use 02006E15:DB for Mario and 020071B1:DB for Luigi, you should be able to walk up the slopes in the buggy room. This just removes the 20 flag that causes the glitches. Alternately, if you are using the (U) version, put in 082FB0B3:6F for Mario and 082FB0C7:6F for Luigi. This is Mario and Luigi's data in the NPC section.

Gsys Labels Edit

There seems to be a bank of pointers to gsys labels located at 0839ECC4 in the (U) version. (083A0504 in (E), and 08388B34 in (J)). Above and below this bank seems to be associated with this. Probably used as On/Off for Mario and Luigi. Was this once used as a debug menu? It is assumed that the assembly codes that used this data were deleted before release. Some of these gsys labels have "kusu" in them, which I assume to mean "hand." It seems odd that they are named "solar" and "moon" hand powers, though. One of these has "Kuppa" in them, which is the Japanese name for Bowser/Koopa.


Battle Backgrounds Edit

In battle, you only see 240×160 of each background, but the backgrounds themselves are all actually 512×256. Only the final battle makes use of scrolling in any way. Perhaps scrolling was originally intended to happen in all battles, as is the case in Bowser's Inside Story.

Background 00 - This looks like something that might have been used as a template for making the backgrounds. If the battle data's background is 00, it will use the Room's defined battle background, if that is 00, then you could get this background.

Background 01

Background 02

Background 03 - Note: The animated dust clouds are not shown.

Background 04

Background 05

Background 06

Background 07

Background 08, Background 0B

Background 09

Background 0A

Background 0C

Background 0D

Background 0E

Background 0F

Background 10

Background 11

Background 12

Background 13 - Note: The animated flames are not shown.

Background 14

Background 15

Background 16 - Note: Unused. Enemies do not appear in any of the rooms that use this tileset.

Background 17

Background 18 - Note: Unused. Enemies do not appear in the room that uses this tileset. The stars twinkle more erratically than shown here.

Background 19

Background 1A

Background 1B

Background 1C

Background 1D

Background 1E

Background 1F

Background 20

Background 21

Background 22

Background 23

Background 24

Background 25

Background 26

Background 27